My Story


My name is Christy and I’m the artist behind Jeffcoat Art. Surprise! I’m not a boy named Jeff (most people online think I am and I get the confusion, no worries).

My first brush with art was like any other kid’s: with a coloring book. Except, for me, it wasn’t a distraction or for fun. Sounds strange, but when I colored, I honestly believed that each of those characters came to life AS I COLORED THEM. I imagined their lungs filling with air once my crayon filled them with blues and reds. I imagined their voices getting louder as I rushed to bring them to life.

That’s what art was to me as a kid. It was bringing something to life. And I still feel this way.

Over the years, I’ve thought a lot about what’s most important to me as an artist and as a businesswoman and here’s what I’ve learned:

I am in love with creating. If you are too then you are my people and I am your person.

I serve the CREATIVE. Those who create and those who appreciate the creative. If you appreciate art then you ARE creative. You do not have to be an artist to be creative.

Through my art and tutorials, I want to reach all of you fellow creative hearts. I want to create beauty for you and inspire you to create your own.

It can be intimidating, but let’s get started together.

Happy creating,


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