1.Be the Photographer in Your Own Photo Shoot– in this post I give the basic steps for directing your own photo shoot. This is great for fellow introverts who shy away from the spotlight. When you’re controlling the pictures being taken (and when you don’t have a bunch of eyes on you), having your photo taken can be a liberating and more comfortable exercise! https://jeffcoatart.blog/2018/11/04/be-the-photographer-in-your-own-photo-shoot/

2. How to Use FotoFuze for Easy Product Photography– in this post I show step-by-step how to take a product photo with your cell phone and edit it in FotoFuze to get a white background. https://jeffcoatart.blog/2019/01/06/fotofuze-for-easy-product-photography/

Watercolor Inking Tutorials

1.Ocean Light Watercolor Inking– create a kaleidoscope effect with watercolor paint & black ink plus 2 FREE downloads. https://jeffcoatart.blog/2019/01/14/watercolor-inking-tutorial-ocean-light/h

YouTube video of Jeffcoat Art doing tutorial of watercolor inking

2. Tree Light Watercolor Inking– these fun and easy watercolor inkings create a stained-glass or kaleidoscope effect! FREE download. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEobl6mnNHI&t=43s

Tree Light Watercolor Inking Tutorial by Jeffcoat Art