“Love Love LOVE her work! The black and white portraits are what first drew me. I was looking for portraits to add to my black white room. I commissioned a portrait of Maya Angelou. She sent me pictures as the painting progressed & I knew from the first preview I had made the right choice. I have received countless compliments on this portrait from the ppl who framed it to house guests. Also love the tiny portraits thinking of getting those of my son just have to figure out where to put them. Amazing artist. Quality pieces. Excellent prices. Highly recommended.”     -Nikki S.

“She’s easy to work with. I love her paintings they always have so much personality.”      -Ali L.

“Beautiful pieces! I have 5 different pieces from her and they are all so beautiful! There’s many more that I would love to order, I just have to find room! Highly recommend! She’s pretty awesome too!”         -Sheila J.

“When my son saw Russell’s painting, no words were needed to say how touched he was. We were amazed at the detail and true likeness you were able to capture. Thanks so much for sharing your remarkable gift!”       -Yvonne C.

“Amazing work! I have four of her original musician paintings, they are among my most prized possessions.”       -Karl F.

“I love Christy’s work! I commissioned her for a couple of inked drawings for my boyfriend of his puppies, and he loved them! She also did a very wonderful original for me, that symbolizes so much to me and is so beautiful. I highly recommend her work!”            -Karima H.

“Thank you for the wonderful Batman painting! It’s amazing!!”       -Christy C.

“Thank you Christy for painting that special picture of my Mom for my Dad. It turned out better than expected and when my Dad received it he cried because it looked so much like her. You captured that smile and how happy she was when the photo was taken. My Dad said every time he looks at that picture he feels like she is looking down on him. You are very talented and I hope to have you paint something for us again.”     -Roni F.

“One of the most amazing artists I know! Keep on doing what you do.”    -Susan K.

“I have ordered several custom pictures from here and they are absolutely amazing.”    -Joel J.

“Christy did a custom ink lined photo of Loki for me! It arrived fast and was well packaged so it wouldn’t get bent. I can’t wait to see all her upcoming creations!”              -Sarah H.

“Jeffcoat Art is so amazing! Her talent is just phenomenal and her artwork on different items is such a unique and wonderful way to enjoy and surround yourself with original pieces!”       -Misha B.

“Your painting of Matt captured the essence of the beautiful person he was and made a treasured gift for my sister. Thank you for helping me to do something so special at a very difficult time.”       -Yvonne C.

“We were all able to get together tonight for our Christmas with my mom who arrived home today from North Dakota. She loved the picture and there were tears of the good variety. Thank you so much for painting my grandma!”        -Tracy D.