Today at the Feeder


A pencil sketch by Jeffcoat Art of a sparrow perching on a feeder pole. Sketchbook has pencil and eraser set on it. Natural light from the window is shining on sketchbook.
Sketch of a sparrow at the bird feeder.

I finally took my macro lens out today. Every morning, I watch the birds at my feeder and think, “I really ought to get the camera.” Crouching by the window inside the house, I managed to get a few decent shots. A group of sparrows did most of the feeding while a male cardinal squeezed in. Here are my favorites:



Sparrows make a lot of commotion at the feeder. If I see the feeder swinging back and forth then it’s usually a handful of sparrows dishing it out. Every now and then, one will be a lookout for the Cardinals that always swoop in to take over.





All images owned by Jeffcoat Art. I hope you enjoyed them!