Hornet Nest Inking


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I found this amazing hornet nest in my backyard and photographed it, then inked it in. Hope you enjoy my art!

**For the Entomologist**

While doing yard work one day, I came across this amazing hornet nest. I mean, it was HUGE. It was hanging high up in the branches, but I managed to creep as close as I could without disturbing them and get a few photos. It was a bit scary because the nest was very active, but I’m grateful I could see something so beautiful first-hand. I hope you enjoy it as well!

This is an 8×10 print that is signed by the artist, myself, in the bottom right corner. I think this would be a wonderful gift for anyone who loves nature, especially insects!

The original was a photograph I took then printed out on cardstock. I added all the details in with ink.

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