First YouTube Video! Watercolor Inking Tutorial: Ocean Light

How to create a kaleidoscope effect with watercolor & ink plus FREEBIES

Hello! I’m really excited to share my first YouTube art tutorial on watercolor inking with you. It’s not perfect, but that’s okay. It’s a bit daunting being in front of the camera. I’m much more comfortable behind it.

When I decided to start a YouTube channel, I had no idea where to begin. I wanted to do something that anyone could try. No art experience needed. My black & white portraits just didn’t seem appropriate.

As I’ve made a point to share more of my artwork with others, I keep hearing my online family say things like, “Oh, I wish I could do that!” or “This is so cool, how do you do it?!” Many times, these comments are communicated as if they themselves are not capable of producing something similar.

That’s why I chose this watercolor inking as my first tutorial. Anyone can do it! Seriously. Anyone. You do not need an art degree. You do not even need to be an artist. All you need is a love of color and curiosity! That’s it.

If you have ever dreamed about dabbling in the world of painting (which can be an intimidating world, at times) please give this a try. And while watercolor paints can be very unforgiving, they won’t bite in this tutorial! It’s abstract. Basically, tracing paint shapes with a pen. There’s no way to mess it up.

If you try this watercolor inking, I would absolutely LOVE to see a photo of your final piece! Please share with me on any of my social media links below or email me at

Happy Creating!


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