The Secret Moments of an Artist (plus free goodie)

What it really feels like to stare at a blank canvas

Studio door shuts behind me. 

Click of the switch fills the room with light. 

Power on Grace Radio to my favorite station. 

Snap of the paint lid before a surge of black fills the tray. 

Soft swish of a round brush as the first layer of black slides onto the canvas.

Artist painting a black and white canvas- Jeffcoat Art

Two layers and then it will be “primed.”

To prime a canvas is to cover it with white gesso, to get it “ready.” It’s the first step in acrylic painting. This act of priming will be what binds your paint to the canvas. 

However, my priming is the following layer of black that will be the basis of my portrait. It’s an exciting feeling, spreading the black until there’s no white in sight. Like creating an abyss with no idea what might come through.

Priming, put simply, is primal. Of first importance. Fundamental.

Female artist standing in front of painting on easel-Jeffcoat Art

The moment of conception before a new piece of work enters the world. Such a simple step, yet it’s EXCITING. At that moment, I feel all of the things that painting could be. But the finding out takes a lot longer to get to.

Can’t wait to share what this painting becomes.

What part of the creative process gets you the most excited? Comments welcome.

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