Home Is Where the Art Is

Summer Country Collection- Coming June 2019

Summer Country Collection preview

What’s the weather like in your corner of the world? It’s beautiful at my end. We got some cooler weather last night that’s made today really wonderful.

As I’m posting this, I am starting to list the first necklaces in this summer’s collection.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Summer Country

I could give you the specs, the size of the settings, or list out an inventory, but honestly, I just want these pieces to convey something simple (yet it’s the most important thing!).

And that’s HOME.

The simple pleasures of enjoying the home you’ve created and the little parts about it that make you smile.

That’s what this collection is to me. Everything in here is a piece of my home.⠀

I have also created a set of 5 greeting cards featuring the artwork used in my jewelry. As well as pillows & charming framed art.

The necklaces I am making in this collection are unique and will be very limited. No duplicates. I want this group of gifts to be special so there are a very small number available.

These art pieces are a small window into the world I see everyday. They are pictures I’ve taken in our backyard, what I see when I walk on the back deck, the things I come across when walking through the woods near our home.

I hope they bring a little sunshine into your own world and remind you that home is where the art is.

Lots of love & creativity, Christy

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