3 Ways to Bring Nature into Your Home

Simple & beautiful ways to create a natural nest


“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” 
― John Muir

3 Ways to Bring Nature into Your Home

It’s widely known that nature has a calming effect on the body. Being in a natural environment (or simply looking at a picture of one) can reduce stress, anger, and anxiety. It helps reduce blood pressure, muscle tension, and elevated heart rate.

So why do we separate it from our home?

I’m not saying let the bugs in, but we can find ways to use natural elements in our home. We can create a peaceful sanctuary that contributes to our overall well-being and a more relaxed mindset.

And here’s 3 easy ways to do that…

1. Create an herb wall.


2. Hang glass ornaments stuffed with moss.

3 Ways to Bring Nature into Your Home, hanging glass ornaments stuffed with moss

3 Ways to Bring Nature into Your Home

3. Create a rock & gem garden.

3 Ways to Bring Nature into Your Home, rock and gem garden

Once you start filling the corners of your home with nature, you’ll start to benefit from their presence. One little thing I love to do is wrap Christmas lights around a cluster of plants. It adds a nice bit of light and cheer to a small space.

Want more ideas? https://mailchi.mp/94b1780b426d/10waystobringnatureintoyourhome


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