Paint Like A Pro (the easy way)

Tree Light Watercolor Inking Tutorial

I’m still alive!

This month has been insane, but the good kind of insane. I have some exciting art stuff going on right now and will share that in my next post.

Today’s will be the fun and bright “Tree Light” tutorial! If you’ve been itching to try out watercolors or if you love drawing with ink then this one’s for you.

Tree Light Watercolor Inking Tutorial

It’s an easy and intuitive painting that is 3 basic steps: paint, let it dry, then ink.

That simple! (Keep scrolling for FREE GOODIE)

Tree Light Watercolor Inking Tutorial paint colors

Necessities: Watercolor paper, paint, 1 brush, and 1 pen. You can get away with spending about $32. Not bad, huh?

1. Watercolor Paper:

2. Watercolor Paint:

3. Watercolor Brushes:

(You could probably go to an art/craft store and buy a single brush. Go for a large round brush if you do. Great versatility, holds more water, still allows for details).

4. Pen:

Extra supplies lying around your house: 

*wooden board/clipboard

*plate or empty egg carton instead of buying a paint tray

*masking tape

Got your supplies? You’re ready to watch the short tutorial and paint like a pro:

I really love doing these abstract watercolor inkings because they remind me of stained glass. They’re also a fun project for kids 🙂

Tree Light Watercolor Inking Tutorial mockup by Jeffcoat Art
Mockup by Dribbblegraphics


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